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Gaining a Catering Qualification

Catering is an industry where you will usually be expected to have a qualification of some kind. This proves that you are competent and understand the processes that are essential to what you are doing, like good food hygiene and good ingredient storage. There are lots of ways in which you can gain a qualification.

There are lots of different qualifications you may earn, including a Diploma in Professional Cookery, an NVQ in Hospitality, a Diploma in Patisserie and Confectionery, and many more. The qualification you decide on will depend on your ambitions for your career. For example, if you also want to work with customers in food service, and not just in the kitchen, you will also want some food service skills.

If you are going to gain a qualification, check what careers it can lead to and find a college where you can study at times to suit you.

Hiring New Members of your Catering Team

Once you have built up a catering or cooking business, the next thing to do is to begin expanding. This will allow you to grow into a bigger business and complete more work, making money in the long term. Here are some things to think about when hiring staff:

  • Do they have qualifications in catering? This will show that they are passionate about making good food and that they know their way around a kitchen and food hygiene procedures.
  • Have they worked in the industry before? A proven track record is a good way of seeing how successful a caterer somebody can be.
  • Do you want to have the responsibility of employing them? It is a major decision to make and you will be responsible for a lot of admin.
  • Are you happy to have them representing your business? A caterer working for your company is a direct reflection on you and needs to provide your customers with quality food and service.

Catering Equipment – What do you Actually Need?

You need the right equipment to be able to create mesmerising dishes. As a caterer, investing in your equipment is investing in your career. But how do you know what you will actually need?

The main thing is to check with the venue what they already have. If they have everything you need to serve your food then you won’t need to worry about presentation. Check about everything from cutlery to centrepieces, as you don’t want to find you don’t have what you expect when you arrive.

The more equipment you have, the more versatile you will be as a caterer. If you are preparing food off-site, make sure you have the right equipment for transporting food. This includes a vehicle where you can store and stack food at the right temperature.

Also, invest in good quality equipment for food preparation. From mixers to cookers.

Selecting a Catering Supplier

As a caterer, you will need a supplier you can rely on. This is incredibly important if you want to be able to produce the highest quality food and keep within the deadlines you have promised your clients. You need to know that your catering supplies will be arriving on time and will be to a good enough standard.

If you are looking for a new supplier, a face to face meeting is always advisable. Talk through the business side of things to work out arrangements for deliveries and don’t be shy to discuss prices. If you need catering supplies in a large volume on a regular basis, you can drive a hard bargain.

Test the quality of the ingredients from your supplier. You can attract new customers by using local suppliers and ingredients and this can actually become a good selling point. Make sure you try before you buy – know where your produce is coming from.

Choosing Catering Options for your Child

Children need to eat a good, balanced diet. It’s important for their growth and for their overall health as well. In many schools, children will be given the option to choose from meals provided by the school canteen. Here are some pros and cons of this, and some things for you to think about as a health-conscious parent:

  • What kind of food is served? If it is healthy food, you may be able to get some good options for your child at lunchtime.
  • Is there much variety? Children may be fussy and will sometimes have special dietary requirements. Consider how much variety there will be for fussy eaters.
  • How much is it? Some children qualify for free school meals. For most parents though, school meals will be an expense. Make sure you and your child are happy with the options if you are going to be paying for the food.

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