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Hiring Our a Marquee for a Wedding and your Catering Requirements

A marquee makes a great venue for a wedding. It’s a good way to be able to seat all of your guests in one place, and have plenty of room to adjust the layout as you wish. It is also likely to be cheaper than hiring our a building.

One of the main things you will need to think about is the catering for your wedding. If you hire our a building, often there will be a kitchen and you will be able to book wedding breakfast and buffet packages along with the hire. This may not be the case with a marquee wedding.

If you have a marquee that is in the grounds of a house or hall, ask about whether you will also have access to the catering facilities. Equally, if you hire an external caterer, find out whether they will have space to cook and prepare food.

Hiring Equipment for your Event or Special Day

Sometimes, it just isn’t practical to buy everything you need for an event. Whether you are a caterer, an event planner or the person holding the event, you will be in the same position – in need of equipment to make sure your event runs smoothly. Looking for event equipment hire could be a viable option for you, as it will give you the opportunity to get hold of everything you need for a fraction of the price of buying it.

Where will you be able to get the events equipment you need? There are many companies that offer equipment hire, and lots of them are highly capable companies. They have high quality equipment that you can hire out for various periods of time, offering you a very flexible service. The equipment you can hire will totally depend on the company you select – the offering is different from events company to events company.

Why should you consider events equipment hire? 

There are many benefits to hiring equipment instead of buying it. Here are some things you should carefully consider:

  • Cost. You can save yourself a lot of money by hiring. Some companies will hire out items like crockery, glassware and table cloths for incredibly low prices. They will often come as part of a package as well if you hire higher cost items like marquees.
  • Convenience. Many events equipment companies will be able to deliver your items to you. If you hire out a marquee or a bar, they will be able to come and set it up at a time that works for you. This saves you the hassle of having to do it yourself.
  • Quality. If you hire from a company that specialises in events, chance are they will have items that are better quality. They need their customers to be happy with the standard of equipment they provide, so it is in their best interests to make sure it is all high quality.
  • Ongoing relationships. If you run events, it will pay off to use the same company on an ongoing basis. They will be able to give you better prices (especially if you hire in bulk), and you get a better service when you work with a company regularly.

Who might use an events hire company? 

  • Events planners and managers, wedding planners.
  • People planning a wedding.
  • Commercial and corporate businesses who run conferences and events
  • Anyone planning any kind of party of event

How to find the equipment you need 

It’s important you find the right kind of events hire company to make sure you can get the equipment you need. Some will deal with smaller items, like crockery and tableware. Others will be able to hire out everything you need, including marquees, fridges, bars, kegs, electrical equipment, lighting, dance floors and speakers. Find someone local to you who has a strong reputation for what you do. This makes it more likely that you will be able to get the equipment you need, at the time you need it.

Planning the Perfect Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is a unique event full of cliché – dry turkey, flirtatious bosses, and unusual photocopies… but despite these, it’s a valuable time. All staff wants one, though they don’t all want the same thing.

I am a massive fan of office Christmas parties. Over the course of a year, you can form various impressions of your colleagues, so it’s a nice opportunity to forget about work and socialize with everybody. Many characters come out, and it can improve working relationships for the year to come – but it’s a tough challenge to organise. Read More

Planning a Great Christmas Party in Blackpool

Christmas is a festival which is celebrated throughout the world with great zeal. Most people celebrate this festival of joy by organizing Christmas Party Blackpool. It is indeed fun, when near and dear ones get together and spread the message of faith and happiness. Host a special party for Christmas with Christmas funny songs and have unique Christmas gifts for children. Kids are surely going to love such party. Read More

Planning The Annual Summer Ball


Summer Balls are one of the most anticipated events of the year and one of the biggest events on the social calendar, so you must be sure that you will be attending in this case. As you all know this is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the exams and the start of a new summer full of adventures and fun. Even though the event was created only for students, you can rest assured that you can bring as guests whoever you want. The things that you must take into consideration is that your guests must be at least 18 years old and remember that students from others university can not buy tickets with their student ID, they can only be a guest.  Read More

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