Finding New Catering Partners to Work With

In the world of catering, you always need to rely on other people. From venues to suppliers, there are lots of people involved in the overall catering process. Here are some of our top tips for finding the right people to work with:

  1. Research their reputation. Have they worked with catering businesses before? If they have, see whether you are able to read reviews from current customers.
  2. Consider the impact on your PR. For example, if you work with a local farm shop who are well known for providing quality food in the area, you can capitalise on their existing success.
  3. Make sure arrangements are set in stone. Get everything down in writing straight away so there can be no ambiguity in future. Take into account all of the prices and what they include, as well as everything that is expected from both parties.
  4. Consider using a partner for a trail period. See how the working relationship progresses, and if it is good for the both of you, there might be a deal to be done.
  5. Advertise your new partnerships. This can be excellent for business as it shows customers that you are progressing and growing your catering company. It will give them confidence in you and mark you out as a trustworthy business that is doing well for itself.

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