Hiring New Members of your Catering Team

Once you have built up a catering or cooking business, the next thing to do is to begin expanding. This will allow you to grow into a bigger business and complete more work, making money in the long term. Here are some things to think about when hiring staff:

  • Do they have qualifications in catering? This will show that they are passionate about making good food and that they know their way around a kitchen and food hygiene procedures.
  • Have they worked in the industry before? A proven track record is a good way of seeing how successful a caterer somebody can be.
  • Do you want to have the responsibility of employing them? It is a major decision to make and you will be responsible for a lot of admin.
  • Are you happy to have them representing your business? A caterer working for your company is a direct reflection on you and needs to provide your customers with quality food and service.

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