Marketing Yourself as a Catering Professional

Even the most successful companies need to market themselves to remain popular. You need to be continually reaching out to new customers and showing them what you can offer them, raising brand awareness and targeting key audiences. We have put together some tips for caterers wanting to market their services.

Make sure everything you use is high quality. Shoddy marketing literature or a poorly-designed website will just serve to make you look untrustworthy. After all, if you don’t pay attention to detail in your marketing campaigns, how can people know that your work will be any better?

Think of your USPs. This stands for unique selling points, and could include things such as the ingredients you use, the catering services you provide, the catering partners you work with etc. Make sure these are clear and people can see the benefits of choosing your services.

Show your catering experience. Include hi-res photographs of real catering jobs you have carried out to give people confidence in your abilities. If you have a website or use social media, you may also want to give people the ability to review your services and write about the excellent catering experiences they have had with you.

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