Pub Awnings in London

Pub awnings are a great addition to any property but there a few things to take into consideration before you make your mind up about what type of awning to plump for. Installing a pub awning can give your property appeal and could add overall value to your home or business, but to help you decide what type of awning is right for you and your needs, here are a few pub awnings buying tips;

-An apparent decision you’ll be faced with is the type of awning and the reason why you want one in the first place. Obviously, they are extremely efficient at keeping the sun off your pub or garden. Tests have shown that a high-quality awning could lower the temperature on your pub by 20 degrees.

-There are several types of awnings including; folding arm awnings, terrace awnings and walkway coverage, electric awnings, and you can also use them as signage for your business. They also come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours so you need to consider where you will be putting your awning on your property.

-It is also worth investing your money in a good quality pub awning since not all awnings will stand up to adverse climate conditions. Though good quality awnings don’t have to cost the earth, you can find affordable awnings that are of fantastic quality.

-You should also consider whether an electric awning will be better for you or a folding arm awning. The great thing is, these don’t have to be tough fixtures, and they can be folded back and kept out of the way when you need them to be. They provide great protection not only for your pub but also for any children who may want to play in the garden; they can find shelter in a shady spot when your awning is set up.

As mentioned, pub awnings come in an assortment of colours and styles, so it is worth putting some thought into it before you decide what type of awning to go for. You can request samples so that you can see what the pattern material will look like next to your home and be sure that the awning you choose is right for your property.

Simple Ways To Clean Your Residential Pub Awnings London

A homeowner has the option to choose from a wide variety of residential awnings. But each awning is effective in preventing harsh sunlight from entering into the homes. At the same time, an awning can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Brush the Dirt and Debris Off: The awning needs to be washed thoroughly using a solution. But you must use a brush to remove the loose dirt and debris. The brushing off will prevent the dirt from getting soaked into the awning fabric during the washing process.

Scrub the Awning: While choosing a solution to wash the awning, you must ensure that the product does not use any harsh ingredients that can stain or fade the awning fabric. You can also consider using hot water to remove the stains easily. The washing solution can be made by mixing 2 oz. of the dish washing liquid for each gallon of water. You can start the washing process by scrubbing the awning with a brush dipped into the solution. However, a harder brush needs to be used to remove tough stains.

Rinse the Awning: After scrubbing the awnings, you have to soak these completely using a garden hose. While soaking, you must pay specific attention to the undersides and corners of the waning. If traces of detergent are left behind, there are chances that the awning many get streaked or discoloured.

Cleaning Metal Awnings: Many users find it easier to clean the metal awnings in comparison to the fabric awnings. You can use a quality emulsifying detergent to clean the metal awning properly. However, the soap needs to be applied using a pressure washer. Most of the dirt and grime will be removed from the shelter by the quick spray. After using the pressure washer, allow it a few minutes to set. Use the pressure washer again with plain water to rinse the awning thoroughly. Once the awning becomes dry, you can add a finishing coat by rubbing wax.

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