What Constitutes Good Party Food?

Catering for a party involves meeting many different dietary needs and individual tastes. It can certainly be a challenge, but a rewarding one as well. There are few feelings as good as seeing people enjoying the food you have prepared for them. Part of the challenge is knowing quite whatRead More

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Planning The Annual Summer Ball

  Summer Balls are one of the most anticipated events of the year and one of the biggest events on the social calendar, so you must be sure that you will be attending in this case. As you all know this is the perfect way to celebrate the end ofRead More

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Should You Enforce The Use of Corporate Clothing at Your Office Party?

When it comes to the office Christmas party, many individuals focus their attention on the word "party," completely ignoring "office." This can cause major difficulties during the event. When you are organising a Christmas office party for your employees, you need to be concerned about what your employees are wearing to the event if you want to avoid potential attire blunders. Corporate Clothing and Your Office Christmas Party Without...

Marketing Yourself as a Catering Professional

Even the most successful companies need to market themselves to remain popular. You need to be continually reaching out to new customers and showing them what you can offer them, raising brand awareness and targeting key audiences. We have put together some tips for caterers wanting to market their services. Make sure everything you use is high quality. Shoddy marketing literature or a poorly-designed website will just serve to make you...

Finding New Catering Partners to Work With

In the world of catering, you always need to rely on other people. From venues to suppliers, there are lots of people involved in the overall catering process. Here are some of our top tips for finding the right people to work with: Research their reputation. Have they worked with catering businesses before? If they have, see whether you are able to read reviews from current customers. Consider the impact on your PR. For example, if...

Using High-Quality Ingredients as a Caterer

Gone are the days where caterers could get away with using low quality, low cost ingredients. People are beginning to focus more and more on the quality of food and where it has come from. Whether it's down to a preference for better tasting food or a desire to protect the environment, customers want to know that caterers are using fresh, sustainable ingredients. You may choose to use organic produce in your food to help please customers...

What is Contract Catering?

Contract catering means work that a caterer is contracted to carry out on a regular basis. It's a service that is used by many different people, from schools to corporations, and it is a popular way to ensure that high quality food is always available when needed. Often within educational establishments and workplaces, employers will subsidise catering. This means that they will pay money towards it and the people eating the food (staff,...

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