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What Constitutes Good Party Food?

Catering for a party involves meeting many different dietary needs and individual tastes. It can certainly be a challenge, but a rewarding one as well. There are few feelings as good as seeing people enjoying the food you have prepared for them.

Part of the challenge is knowing quite what people will expect from the food at their party. If you are a professional caterer or events organiser, make sure you get a detailed brief from the client. Spend some time talking to them to see what they want and what kinds of foods will appeal. You may even want to give them the opportunity to taste some food samples, especially if the event is more formal and the food really needs to impress.

The most important part of preparing good party food is knowing what to prepare to meet the unique needs of the event. Ask some specific questions – should the party involve a sit-down meal or a buffet? Is it casual or formal? Will guests help themselves or will they be served?

Planning The Annual Summer Ball


Summer Balls are one of the most anticipated events of the year and one of the biggest events on the social calendar, so you must be sure that you will be attending in this case. As you all know this is the perfect way to celebrate the end of the exams and the start of a new summer full of adventures and fun. Even though the event was created only for students, you can rest assured that you can bring as guests whoever you want. The things that you must take into consideration is that your guests must be at least 18 years old and remember that students from others university can not buy tickets with their student ID, they can only be a guest.  Read More

Corporate Catering – Some Rules to Follow

Corporate catering can be big business. It can involve anything from catering for an office to working on big events like conferences and exhibitions. If you are looking to break into the world of corporate catering, here are some things you should always do:

  • Take a professional approach. We are talking about the world of business here. They will expect you to be professional in all of your correspondence and will want you to put forward professional suggestions.
  • Speak to new businesses and let them know what kind of catering options you have for them. You may want to produce some professional marketing literature to show them you are a serious catering business.
  • Use the power of word of mouth. If you have catered for someone’s corporate event, ask them to review your services. This will help to spread the word about you, you business and most importantly your food!

Pub Awnings in London

Pub awnings are a great addition to any property but there a few things to take into consideration before you make your mind up about what type of awning to plump for. Installing a pub awning can give your property appeal and could add overall value to your home or business, but to help you decide what type of awning is right for you and your needs, here are a few pub awnings buying tips;

-An apparent decision you’ll be faced with is the type of awning and the reason why you want one in the first place. Obviously, they are extremely efficient at keeping the sun off your pub or garden. Tests have shown that a high-quality awning could lower the temperature on your pub by 20 degrees. Read More

Catering for the Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is a highlight of the year. It’s important for office morale, for celebrating achievements and making sure your team have fun together. This means that everything has to be just right. You will need to make sure you sort your food options in plenty of time, giving everybody something delicious to eat and something to look forward to. Here are some important things to think about:

  • Decide what type of food you want to serve. Will it be a sit-down meal or a buffet? This could also affect your choice of venue, as some will already have their own in-house caterers who have their individual specialities.
  • Cater for everyone. Make sure there are options for everyone in your company, and that the caterers know about dietary requirements in advance. If you don’t have everyone’s dietary requirements on file, it may be worth getting them to fill in a form or send an email detailing their needs.
  • Take suggestions on board. Members of staff will usually have strong ideas about what they want from their Christmas party. After all, it is for them, so try to listen carefully to what they would enjoy.
  • Make sure there is a good selection of drinks. At the Christmas party, it is usually assumed that the drinks will be flowing. Not everyone will be drinking alcohol though, so ensure there is a good range available.
  • Have an organised approach to your catering. Work closely with the catering company you are using to make sure they are fully aware of your requirements. Communication is everything in these situations – if everyone knows exactly what is happening, and when, you will end up with a highly organised catering experience that everyone is delighted with.

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