The Pressure that comes with Wedding Catering

Wedding catering is a big task, and wedding dinners do not often go unforgotten. This means there’s a great deal of pressure on the catering company to make sure the food is prepared and made quickly, and then dished out quickly too, so no guest is left to wait for their meal.

It’s important that every table eats at the same time, and several delays can lead to bigger issues, such as delayed speeches, entertainment and dances. Depending on the type of food served and the number of guests, large catering teams may be needed.

Buffet style dinners are a lot easier to manage, and it tends to be a case of just making sure there is food always at the ready. Hog roast buffets are very popular, while traditionally served meals can take more time to prepare.

As a caterer, you also have to make sure you can provide for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs among others. There’s no doubt that catering is a big job, but the hardest part is handling the pressure.


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